Dainese Alter Real Waiscoat Back Protector Lady Blue

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This vest offers back protection and is so slim it can fit easily under a show jacket. The protective features cover the back and the front elasticated vest zip fastening allows ease of movement and stretch over a variety of layers worn underneath. Innovative protective horse riding vest distinguished by a hexagon construction at the back that guarantees the highest efficiency in terms of coverage (possibility to generate closed surfaces) and mobility (6 sides, mobility on the 30, 90 and 150 degree axes). Hexagon composition in composite figures permits the design of a protective system that offers mobility only where strictly necessary. The vest is characterised at the back by an outer breathable ladderproof fabric with a honeycomb texture. It is completed and complemented by a comfortable elastic system that allows the vest to sit close against the body and permits guaranteed positioning in all phases of use. This jacket is tested to Level 1

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