Dainese Antartica Gore-Tex Trousers

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The Antartica Gore-Tex Pants is the must-have for the motorbike exploration in the coldest lands on planet. Designed for a supreme thermal insulation, this is the ultimate garment to face extreme riding adventures. Whatever the temperature. Thanks to the Dainese technology based on the study of the lines of non-extension in the human body and used to keep the NASA astronauts light and comfortable during their journey to Mars, every challenge can be lived in total comfort, without any performance compromise. Laminated Gore-Tex 45.000mm is an unequaled protection against bad weather and, combined with the double direct-to-the-body vent zip on tights, provide the perfect ventilation when it’s warmer. The removable inner goose down layer and the exclusive Storm Gaiter Cuffs allow confident rides in the coldest climates. Nylon 6.6 high abrasion resistant fabric, Trixior D-Tec Engineered textile inserts on critical impact areas and Pro-Armor hip protectors guarantee the Dainese highest safety standards, the result of over four decades of development and innovations. Undiscovered territories are waiting for extreme explorers.

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